piece of jewellery is one of the art forms that is the closest to the body. It has a physical and functional relationship with it, yet it is also capable of conveying a singular emotion, expressing an idea, suggesting a story or even sparking a memory.

Contemporary jewellery reflects a conception of jewellery and the trade of jeweller that showcases its more artistic and creative facet. At Capdevila, each piece of jewellery is unique and matchless, even those that are part of what we call small series, since each piece is individually crafted with our own hands in a process in which creativity plays a key role.

From the intuition or the original idea to the materialisation of a piece, there is an interval which we call precisely the creative process of the piece of jewellery; the quest for a kind of balance between aesthetics and functionality, artistic values and wearability. The original idea emerges and takes shape in the sketch. Yet sketching is just the first step; it is the expressive gesture captured on paper.

Sketching is tantamount to discovering, planning, organising, ordering and relating a previous idea, either one’s own or someone else’s, while interplaying technical skill, prowess and imagination. It’s an exercise that is as free and intuitive as it is demanding and precise. During the creative process, the jeweller engages in a dialogue, oftentimes an unconscious one, with the materials they are handling. They have a familiarity with the materials acquired through experience which fosters a profound relationship between the person and the material. As the professor and theoretician Karen Michelle Barad says, “(…) the material feels, converses, suffers, desires, yearns and remembers”. The jeweller is not above this latent give-and-take; they know how to listen to what the piece is saying and asking for, and they consequently work with it using certain techniques and procedures, which also become part of this exchange.

As the outcome of this work, which is a constant, ongoing conversation, questions emerge about the very nature of the materials, the functionality of the piece, the limits of the imagination and to what extent the mind should be allowed to keep soaring.