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Art and Craft

Capdevila Joiers i Argentes a la Ciutat de Barcelona is synonymous with more than a century of work, of four generations who in each era, with an outstanding team of partners, have contributed their knowledge and creativity to a craft with a longstanding historical tradition.

Since 1905, Capdevila Joiers has been present in the sphere of jewellery and goldsmithing in Catalonia with sensibility and innovation. Not only has it crafted a large number of pieces that are representative of their period, but also in parallel it has promoted the learning of the profession.

Today, the works from these years, all with their unique hallmark, have achieved a prominent place within contemporary european jewellery jewellery and are represented in numerous art galleries and museums both in Barcelona and around the world.

Unique pieces and small series

Capdevila conceives the jewel from its most artistic and creative approach. Each jewelry created in our workshop is unique and it’s made with our hands. We also offer custom made and designed jewellery.

Jewellery and Goldsmith attelier

We are jewelers and goldsmiths. We perform custom civil and religious goldsmiths, such as medals, prizes and commemorative plaques of all kinds with exclusive and custom designs for institutions, entities or whatever.

Reparation and restoration

More than a century of experience allow us to have all the tools in order to offer an optimal service in the restoration and repair of all kinds of pieces related.

Creative Process

A piece of jewellery is one of the art forms that is the closest to the body. It has a physical and functional relationship with it, yet it is also capable of conveying a particular emotion, expressing an idea, suggesting a story or even sparking a memory.

  • Capdevila brings together the mastery of a thoroughly-learned trade with the more innovative aspects of contemporary jewellery.

    Carles Codina i Armengol Jeweller and Professor at Escola Massana
  • Small gems of life; a great deal of work and constancy which yields objects attained with effort and the obstinate desire to achieve the dream.

    Pia Subias i Pujadas Art Historian
  • Capdevila means contemporary art jewellery

    Fritz Falk Phorzheim Jewellery Museum
  • Capdevila has transformed the jewellery into a discipline completely integrated in the Fine Arts.

    Daniel Giralt-Miracle Reial Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts de Barcelona